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my favourite pictures, for example of our holiday with a Combi-Cooper, documentation of the three R’s: restoring, revising, reparing and a choice of the Minis ever or still belonging to me (1275 GT, Mini 1000, Cooper S, Moke)

On this side you won’t find:

information about Minis, therefore I suggest you to have a look at Mini Register or Mini-Wiki, the outstanding links to the Mini’s history, beginning with Alec Issigonis, introducing John Cooper, showing a list of all the ever produced models, the numerous rally successes such as Monte Carlo and of the unfortunate last day of production, the 4th of october 2000

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2th Oct 1988: Sir Alexander Arnold Constantine Issigonis has died aged 81.

4th Oct 2000: the last Mini left the factory as Nr. 5'387'862.

24th Dec 2000: John Cooper has died aged 77.